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Dear KnujOn members, friends and visitors,

This project will cease accepting samples from the public on 22 May 2018. The will stop accepting email samples and the server will be shut down. The servers at will stop forwarding email. will cease accepting new memberships and donations as of 8 March 2018. will remain active to maintain historical information about the project but no sample data will be accepted. All currently held samples and all samples accepted up until 22 May 2018 will be processed. This domain ( will also be shut down and redirected to

This research was started by Dr. Robert Bruen and Garth Bruen in 2003. After 15 years we have reached clear fundamental conclusions concerning the management of the Internet, findings which are neither pleasing nor surprising. We have taken this work as far as we can at this stage. A final comprehensive report of KnujOn findings will be published and maintained at

We thank everyone for their dedication and participation in this project and hope you will join us when we start our next project which will be based on KnujOn findings. The details of this further research will be announced on

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